Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Back to school is fast approaching us! Who else is a little nervous and anxious? I know I am! I am entering my second semester of nursing school. From what I’ve heard this semester is one of the hardest and very intense. My class has dropped in size, and my study-buddy transferred to another school. Now I’m worried about how I’m going to study. And I will admit I’m not the best at taking notes.

For the next 2 weeks I am going to have a huge Back-to-School celebration right here on my blog! I love school supplies and I love school. So who is with me? Oh, did I mention that at the end of these two weeks someone will win a prize?! I will send some of my favorite school supplies J

How do you enter? You simply comment on all posts published from August 1-August 14, 2014! On August 15th I will draw a name. Also, if you share, pin, tweet, etc, those will include more entries. Just share the links in the comments.


Good luck,


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Burn 100 Calories

I found this on Pinterest and love it!! Anytime I want to burn a quick 100 calories I do this! Just think you do this 5 times you burn 500 calories. It's simple and takes 10 minutes.

Update: 30 Day Squat Challenge

I just completed day 6 of the challenge which is 75 squats. Shew! It took all I had to complete it! But I did. I didn't give up.

Something I've learned on this journey is my body can handle more than my mind can. My mind shouts, "give up! Stop!" But my body is aching and screaming for more. Almost demanding more. I feel so much better after a workout. I feel healthier and I have more energy.

So don't give up!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

30 Day Squat Challenge


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Selfie and 5 Random Facts About Me!

1). I'm 28 and still love Disney movies!

2). I gave up pop/soda February 26, 2013 :)

3). I walk at least 1 mile daily!

4). I'm a nursing student! (entering my second semester this Fall)

5). Fall is my favorite season! Mainly because of the boots and clothes :)

Share some facts about yourself! I love getting to know my readers :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

My First Challenge

30 Day Overhaul Challenge

I have hit a plateau with my weight-loss. I have lost a total of 30 pounds since having my son, who is 16 months old. I have struggled my entire life with my weight. I have never been the size nor weighed the amount I wanted.

About 10 months before learning I was pregnant, I began to really work hard to lose weight. I believe in good old-fashioned exercise and healthy eating is the key to losing weight. I have tried every diet out there and let's face it, if it were simple and easy to lose weight, we all would be skinny.

I recently heard of the Squat challenge. For 30 days you do squats, it starts out with like 25 a day and increases every day, with a rest day every fourth day. I love this concept so much I have decided to make it my own. Hence '30 Day Overhaul Challenge'

I am going to post a calendar in the side template so you can see what every day looks like!

I am also going to post a before and after picture of myself, my TRUE weight, etc. So if I succeed you will get to celebrate with me and if I fail you will see why I have failed.

Each month I will have a new challenge I will create based on what areas I want to focus on. Here is the key though, in order to move on to the next challenge I have to complete the first challenge. If I fail, then I have to repeat for the next 30 days before moving on.

There will be 6 rest days during the challenge. I will pick 2 of these days to be my cheat day. When I say cheat day I don't mean cheat all day long. I will only cheat on one meal or one snack! Maybe ice cream...I love ice scream!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Mom Cave

What is The Mom Cave?

A place for women (mother's or not) to escape! This is like my online journal! I am going to show you my struggle with my weight, being a single mother who is currently unemployed and going to school full-time. You will see my highs, my lows, my failures and my success.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy! If ever there is a topic you would like to see discussed or if you want advice please email me @